Barack Obama has come under heavy fire in recent years for the way he’s conducted US foreign policy. Ranging from Libya, to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Syria, to China and Asia, to Cuba and Gitmo, to Iran, and to Israel and Palestine, during his tenure as President, Obama has faced some monumental foreign policy challenges, […]

Extreme Cuts? Labour are on the offensive. Ed Balls has claimed that to follow through on the promises made in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, particularly the pledge to achieve a budget surplus of £23.1bn by 2019-20, and the infamous £7 billion of tax cuts, the Conservatives would have to implement £70 billion of painful cuts […]

Mr Murdoch, Your moral compass has always had a tendency to stray off course, but yesterday you sunk to new lows. You took to Twitter, and mindlessly typed the words; “Maybe most Moslems peaceful, but until they recognize and destroy their growing jihadist cancer they must be held responsible.” Soon after, you perhaps tried to […]

As I am currently living and working on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the recent Lindt Café siege really hit home with me. It has dominated the dinner table conversations of most Australians all month, and the tragedy has invoked a great deal of empathy, compassion and solidarity with the families of the victims. Martin’s […]

The British education system is on its way down a very slippery slope. From Blair, to Gove, and potentially Hunt, the trajectory of our schooling is a dangerous one, and one that will leave the British labour market ill-equipped in the future, not to mention place unnecessary pressure on teachers and students alike. Blair’s academies, […]

In my previous two articles, I have highlighted the need for a shift in Labour’s strategy for electoral victory, lightening the load on Mr-substance-not-style-Miliband, and elevating the roles of Shadow Health and Home Secretaries Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper to appeal more to voters and gain wider support for a Labour government in May next […]

I’ve already made clear that Labour cannot be a one-man team when it comes to their bid for power in 2015, and Miliband must delegate and share responsibilities and campaign appearances with his Shadow Cabinet, in particular Andy Burnham with regards to the NHS. Somebody I haven’t yet mentioned is Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander. […]