The British education system is on its way down a very slippery slope. From Blair, to Gove, and potentially Hunt, the trajectory of our schooling is a dangerous one, and one that will leave the British labour market ill-equipped in the future, not to mention place unnecessary pressure on teachers and students alike. Blair’s academies, […]

In my previous two articles, I have highlighted the need for a shift in Labour’s strategy for electoral victory, lightening the load on Mr-substance-not-style-Miliband, and elevating the roles of Shadow Health and Home Secretaries Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper to appeal more to voters and gain wider support for a Labour government in May next […]

I’ve already made clear that Labour cannot be a one-man team when it comes to their bid for power in 2015, and Miliband must delegate and share responsibilities and campaign appearances with his Shadow Cabinet, in particular Andy Burnham with regards to the NHS. Somebody I haven’t yet mentioned is Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander. […]

Ed Miliband’s opinion polls remain painstakingly low. From bacon sandwich eating, to speech forgetfulness, the press are circling him like vultures waiting for his media wounds to prove fatal. However, election campaigns are not won by party leaders alone. Labour have at their disposal a highly talented frontbench, which boasts a strong blend of governmental […]

David Cameron may have arrived late to the Better Together ‘party’, waiting until the last few days in the run-up to the Scottish referendum to intervene, but his intervention was decisive. Both he and Gordon Brown gave rousing and emotive speeches that went a long way towards swaying undecided voters and bringing them back from […]

For a long while now Prime Minister David Cameron, and the entire Conservative party for that matter, have suffered from accusations of a ‘woman problem’, wherein critics have pointed to the lack of female representation within the Tory-led Coalition cabinet. Thus, the latest government reshuffle is a point of significant interest. Dubbed another ‘Night of […]

The highly scrutinised Universal Credit policy being steered through by Work and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith is ideological, not practical; surprising since this is being dubbed the ‘Flagship Reform’ by the ever-pragmatic Tories. The general principle behind the idea is sound. Simplifying the bureaucracy of the benefits system is essential since on average £1 […]