Citizens’ Arrest: Nick Griffin

I’m sure many of us cracked a smile at the recent attempt of a citizens’ arrest on Tony Blair. However in my opinion, the man who truly deserves a political arrest is BNP leader Nick Griffin. His crime is inciting racial hatred. He was been making a political career out of this crime for years, and since the police won’t arrest him for this blatant violation of the law, we should. Now, to prove my point, I thought about projecting a narrative about the injustices of BNP policies, about the racism of Nick Griffin, and about the illegality of his hatred. However, I don’t need to, Nick Griffin is a man who can speak for himself. His words condemn him, so I will just provide from some quotes from the man himself.

  • On Immigration: Churchill was ‘massively and repeatedly opposed to any non-white immigration into Britain, we are just following in his footsteps’, Non-white Brits ‘can’t join the BNP’.
  • On the holocaust: ‘It’s nonsense about gas chambers’.
  • On white people: ‘The capitalist free traders, the Marxists, and organised Europe, have declared war on the white man’.
  • On Obama: ‘He’s probably thoroughly anti-Semitic, in favour of Islamic expansion… so he’s a pretty bad egg’.
  • On black people: ‘And they’ve already got a chip on their shoulder, coz of all that stuff about slavery… they don’t want to work anyway, so they find a white kid in the street and they beat the hell out of them’.
  • His 2010 election manifesto included; ‘Repeal discrimination legislation’, ‘stop all immigration’, ‘ban the burka’.
  • On Islam: ‘Islam is a cancer’ and should be cured with ‘chemotherapy’. There is ‘no place in Europe for Islam’. ‘We urgently need global chemotherapy against Islam to save civilisation’. The ‘British people really realise the evil of what these people have done to our country’, it’s a ‘wicked, vicious faith’. ‘Asian Muslims have a plan to conquer Britain’.
  • On homosexuality: the BNP ‘will never accept mixed marriages as moral or normal’.

So there you have it. The racism of Griffin speaks for itself, and if his comments on Islam are not inciting hatred I don’t know what is. So call this a shot across the barrel if you will, or a declaration of political war perhaps, but either way, people of Britain, this man uses your name to justify his racist values. He claims to be truly British, and discredits our nation and our reputation as a liberal people. I call out the people of Britain to place Mr Griffin under citizens’ arrest. I also invite Mr Griffin to turn himself in to the police for his illegal incitement of racial hatred. This is the country that fought the Second World War to protect liberal values to defeat racist, fascist hysteria typical of Nick Griffin. We are better than this, and this criminal must be brought to justice. Who’s with me?


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