International Moral Leadership

Created quite a stir on twitter, any thoughts/comments??

Nathan Phillips

Last week the Guardian reported that the Ministry of Defence has rejected any ‘Afghanistan/Iraq-repeat-military-invasions’ due to the multicultural society in Britain and its war-weariness. While I am a strong advocate of diplomacy to resolve international crises, I see this as a sad reflection on our moral compass. I’m a pacifist with a strong exception; I am of the strong belief that liberal interventionism is justified when it is used to free an oppressed people. The term ‘liberal interventionism’ has lost credibility in Britain thanks to its main propagator – Tony Blair. So there’s no misunderstanding, the intention of this article is not to vindicate the foreign policy of Mr Blair, rather the principle of liberal interventionism, or if that term still causes too much offence, ‘military emancipation’. When we think of British foreign intervention, immediately minds race to Iraq and Afghanistan, but we forget the prior successes of Kosovo and…

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