Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why Labour will win in 2015

By the time the 2015 general election comes around, Labour will have been stranded in opposition for a full 5 years. That’s a full 5 years since that fateful week in May, since the resignation of Gordon Brown, since the Lib/Lab coalition failed to materialise and the Con/Lib coalition came into governance. Any party in […]

Syria: Blair’s True Legacy?

While Blair sat atop the Prime Ministerial throne and his terms rolled along, his mind increasingly wondered to the question of what his legacy as leader would be. While he hoped it would be the remains of his strong domestic agenda, the reality is of course very different. You ask anyone in the world – […]

What’s next for Australia’s Labor Party?

When looking back over the last few years of the Labor Party, it has looked less like a mainstream political party, and more like a Greek Tragedy, or better yet, a sad retelling of the fall of Caesar. First there was Rudd, a leader – like Caesar – who’d spent too long at the top, […]

Debt, Glorious Debt

The greatest crisis facing American Congress currently is the debt ceiling. The primary prerogative of the newly elected Australian Prime Minister is to pay back the country’s debt. The main reason Britain’s Chancellor is stubbornly sticking to his policies of austerity is to balance the books and repay government debt. Most potently of all, the […]

How to solve a problem like the Shadow Cabinet?

The Shadow Cabinet led by Ed Miliband has come under some scrutiny as of late for a number of reasons, primarily that they are not vocal enough, and because of the recent cabinet reshuffle. The most obvious thing about the Shadow Cabinet for me is the number of blatant Brownite figures. Ed Balls, Gordon Brown’s […]