Last week, our worshipful overlord Mrs May, told Test Match Special, and I quote; ‘I’m not robotic’. Funny, that’s just what a robot would say. Coincidence? I think not… On a serious note though, this interview was a wince-inducing affair, and served only to further highlight just how numbered our Prime Minister’s days really are. […]

If I were to sit down and write an article, even in list form, of the reasons this government deserves to be brought down, all of the different forms its damage to the country is taking, and all of its acts of immorality, I’d be sat down for a long time. In fact, I’d be […]

There’s been a flurry of social media activity surrounding the disastrous Tory attempt at rivalling Momentum with their (imaginatively named) ‘Activate’. This has intensified after a leaked Whatsapp group chat, which has been described as a ‘precursor’ to ‘Activate’ included tasteless jokes about ‘gassing chavs’ and ‘shooting peasants’. Much of the left was shocked. I […]

Firstly and crucially, just in case this myth hasn’t been comprehensively debunked for everyone yet; Labour never promised to abolish existing student debt. No pledge. No promise. No bullet point in the manifesto. The ridiculous distortions whipped up by the media aside, some have criticised Corbyn for outlining an ambition so close to Election Day, […]

Originally published at Backbench UK on 3rd December: In the days following the passing of the political titan Fidel Castro, the overwhelming reaction of the British political classes has been to treat the death of an unscrupulous tyrant as a triumph. This is not to say a reaction of the other extreme, albeit less common, […]

The Labour Party is currently in a state of disarray, bordering on civil war. The leadership election was long, bruising, exciting, divisive, and historic. There were highs and lows for all camps, but there was a clear and conclusive winner. Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader by the largest democratic mandate in Labour Party history. One […]

Barack Obama has come under heavy fire in recent years for the way he’s conducted US foreign policy. Ranging from Libya, to Iraq and Afghanistan, to Syria, to China and Asia, to Cuba and Gitmo, to Iran, and to Israel and Palestine, during his tenure as President, Obama has faced some monumental foreign policy challenges, […]