The day so long gossiped and speculated about finally came to pass on Monday. A splinter group of Labour MPs left the party and set up their own parliamentary grouping. Labour has since had over 48 hours to process this information. Some have celebrated. Others have mourned. Whatever your initial reaction, now is the time […]

Find below my new Left Foot Forward piece on how we can’t let a ‘these are not normal times’ let Theresa May off the hook:

In recent weeks, I’ve been hearing increasing calls within the Labour Party for a certain Yvette Cooper MP to lead the party. Some of those leading the charge thought she should have won in 2015, have never got on board with the Corbyn project, and wish the party could return to its pre-2015 evolution. Others […]

Find below my new Labour List piece on improving our political discourse in 2019.    

Earlier on today I tweeted something along the lines of; “To anyone expressing their support for Tommy Robinson – I’d like to take this unique opportunity to invite you all to take a long walk off a short pier, preferably whilst wearing ankle weights and a titanium straight-jacket”. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but nonetheless, I’ve taken a […]

It’s great news that Harvey Weinstein is being charged for rape and abuse. This vile excuse for a man has terrorised countless women in Hollywood, and deserves the full weight of the law to be rained down upon him. It’s less heartening to see he’s been granted bail, but hopefully a guilty verdict will make […]

There is a lot of things this government has done to surprise me in terms of sheer immorality and reckless abandon for humanity. Forcing people who require live-in carers out of their homes in the name of the Bedroom Tax, squeezing living standards to the point where nurses rely on foodbanks and parents skip meals […]